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Revolt Vinyl now offers Avery SW900 Vinyl War Film for 2019

Avery SW900 Vinyl Wrap Film is a dual cast film specifically designed for vehicle application to provide dimensional stability and durability without the need for an over laminate. The pressure-activated adhesive allows you to slide and re position the film over the surface of the vehicle until you apply firm pressure. Avery SW900 is available in 60in (5 ft) widths making it possible to wrap virtually any section of a vehicle without seams. The non-visible air release channels assure a fast, easy and virtually bubble-free installation when professionally installed. Saving valuable installation time.

  • 60″ wide, 3.2 Mil cast wrap vinyl with built-in protective clear coat layer with EZ apply/air egress and RS/slideability
  • No overlaminate required
  • Superior conformability over curved surfaces, corrugations and rivets
  • Easy Apply RS feature allows for faster positioning, bubble free application and long term removability
  • Gloss colors can sometimes have a haze/blotchiness/mottling that can usually be eliminated with heat. Even the shipping box can create surface impressions that can also be eliminated with heat
  • Avery Gloss black & white have an expected outdoor life of 12 years with limited warranty
  • Avery Gloss colors have an expected outdoor life of 10 years with limited warranty
  • Avery Metallic and Pearlescent colors have an expected outdoor life of 5 years with limited warranty
  • Avery Brushed Metal colors have an expected outdoor life of 4 years with limited warranty
  • Avery SW ColorFlow (Shade Shifting) colors have an expected outdoor life of 4 years with limited warranty
  • Avery Diamond colors have an expected outdoor life of 3 years with limited warranty
  • 2 year outdoor durability horizontal
  • Clean removability up to 4 years

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