3M Satin Neon Fluorescent Green Vinyl Wrap


  • 3M™ Satin Neon Fluorescent Vinyl Wrap Series
  • Color: Green
  • SKU: VCW17120

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3M Satin Neon Fluorescent Green Vinyl Wrap

  • 3.5 Mil 1080 Cast Wrap Film with Long-term, Gray, Removable, Repositionable, Pressure Activated Adhesive with Non-visible Air Release Channels
  • Neon colors have no warranty for fading.  Expected outdoor life in direct sunlight is less than three months.  Fluorescent Neon colors fade much faster than normal colors.
  • Note: Fading can be reduced with overlamination, preventing stretched areas, which fade even faster, and shelter from high U.V. times during the day.
  • Available in 60″ width, allowing most vehicles to be wrapped without seams
  • Invisible air release channels assure fast and easy virtually bubble-free applications
  • Watercraft graphics applied above static water line only
  • Note: For the best overall appearance, do not alternate between lengthwise and widthwise graphic panels.
  • Caution:  Always pre-test vinyl installation on vehicles.  Do not install if there is any adverse or negative impact on sensors and/or other safety-related equipment on the intended vehicle.
  • Warning:  During installation it is critical to prevent “dragging” the adhesive side of wrap vinyls over edges and flat surfaces.  Abrasion caused by dragging can result in “adhesive dots” or “sanding” under the surface of the vinyl and make it appear to have many small bumps.  This is usually not repairable.
  • Film colors can vary slightly from roll to roll. For the most consistency, please purchase a full roll.  We are unable to guarantee consistency with multiple orders of cut samples/yardage.
  • The 3M warranty is for product value only and provides no protection or reimbursement for additional costs including labor or vehicle/paint damage.