Acura RDX (2022+ ) A-Pillar & Cab Top Edge Protection


MAKE: Acura
YEAR SPAN: (2022+ )


Acura RDX (2022+ ) A-Pillar & Cab Top Edge Protection

Acura RDX (2022+ ) A-Pillar & Cab Top Edge Protection is a product designed to protect the paint on the A-pillar and the upper edges of the vehicle’s cabin from damage due to various environmental factors. These areas are particularly vulnerable to paint chipping, scratches, and other types of wear and tear, as they are exposed to flying debris, harsh weather conditions, and UV radiation. Adding Revolt Vinyl A-Pillar and Cab Top Edge Paint Protection is a wise investment for preserving the appearance and value of your automobile, especially if you drive in areas where road debris and harsh weather conditions are common.

Here is some general information about Acura Integra Acura RDX (2022+ ) A-Pillar & Cab Top Edge Protection:

  1. Material: This protection is typically made from a high-quality, transparent, or clear polyurethane film. This material is durable and has self-healing properties, meaning that minor scratches can disappear over time.
  2. Installation: It is often applied by professionals at an auto detailing shop, but with Revolt Vinyl Paint Protection DIY kits are for those who want to install it themselves. The process involves carefully applying the film to the designated areas, ensuring it adheres tightly to the surface without bubbles or wrinkles.
  3. Protection: A-Pillar and Cab Top Edge Paint Protection provides a shield against various forms of damage, including stone chips, road debris, tree sap, bird droppings, and UV rays. It prevents the paint from becoming faded or damaged over time.
  4. Aesthetics: Pro Paint Protection kits are optically clear or near-invisible, so it doesn’t significantly alter the vehicle’s appearance. This means that the protection does its job while preserving the vehicle’s original look.
  5. Durability: Pro Paint Protection kits are made with high-quality paint protection films that are designed to last for several years, and they are backed by warranties against yellowing, cracking, or peeling.
  6. Maintenance: Pro Paint Protection kits and protection films are relatively low maintenance. You can wash and wax your vehicle as usual without damaging the film.
  7. Removability: The film can be removed without damaging the vehicle’s paint if you ever decide to take it off.

Acura RDX (2022+ ) A-Pillar & Cab Top Edge Protection Kit Includes:

  • One paint protection piece to cover the a-pillars and front edge of your roof.
  • Installation tools: spray bottle, squeegee, and trim tool.
  • Installation instructions

A-Pillar and Cab Top Protection Features

  • Protects against rock chips, sand-blasted, or scratches
  • Custom cut for the front-facing areas of your a-pillars and cab top
  • Transparent protection film that adheres to your paint
  • 8 mils thick with high gloss, scratch-resistant surface
  • Includes DIY instructions and tools, Made in USA, 5-year warranty