GMC Canyon (2021-2022) Fuel Door Paint Protection


MODEL: Canyon
YEAR SPAN: (2021-2022)


GMC Canyon (2021-2022) Fuel Door Paint Protection

GMC Canyon (2021-2022) Fuel Door Paint Protection when installed is on your GMC, you’ll protect the paint on your fuel door from scratches, scuffs, and chips that happen over time. This invisible film is designed to protect your paint, but not alter the look of your car. It is 8 mils thick and has a glossy finish. The material is made right here in the USA by the world’s leading paint protection manufacturers. We custom pre-cut the kit to fit perfectly for your vehicle for easy peel-and-stick installation.

GMC Canyon (2021-2022) Fuel Door Paint Protection Kit Includes:

  • One paint protection piece to cover your Fuel Door
  • Installation tools: spray bottle, squeegee, and trim tool
  • Installation instructions

Fuel Door Paint Protection Features:

  • Protects against scratches or scuffing
  • Custom cut for the top painted surface of your Fuel Door
  • Transparent protection film that adheres to your paint
  • 8 mils thick with high gloss, scratch-resistant surface
  • Includes DIY instructions and tools, Made in USA, 5-year warranty