NT Cutter Red Dot Model A-1P & Replacement Blades


Red Dot Cutter Model A-1P

  • The NT Red Dot features an auto locking slide and great for both right and left handed use
  • Standard duty rust resistant stainless steel snap off blade knife
  • Fine incremental blade advancement
  • Replacement blade: NT BA-50S, also compatible with OLFA OAB10S, OBB50S, OA1160B and OABB50B.

30 Degree Replacement Blades (10 pack)

  • NT Cutter 30 degree blades with extra sharp tip great for use on vehicle wraps, vinyl sign cutting, and precision trimming.
  • 10 snap off blades are packed in a convenient plastic dispenser with built-in blade snapper & disposal container
  • Made of high quality carbon tool steel
  • 13 cutting edges per blade strip
  • 10 pack offers 130 cutting edges
  • Thickness .38mm
  • 30 degree angle
  • Fits most standard duty utility knives

58 Degree Replacement Blades (50 pack)

  • NT Cutter 58 degree blades are made of high grade stainless steel making them ideal for use in damp conditions where rust is a concern such as vinyl graphics, PPF, and window tinting
  • 13 cutting edges per blade strip
  • 50 pack offers 650 cutting edges
  • Packed in hanging plastic case
  • Thickness: 0.38mm
  • 58 degree angle
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