OLFA Stainless Breakaway Steel Knife & Replacement Blades


Breakaway Knife

  • The world’s most popular stainless steel breakaway knife used in wrapping
  • Snap off used blade instantly
  • Guaranteed sharpness and straight cuts
  • Comes with 59 degree angle blades
  • CAUTION:  Please be careful about placing these knives in your pockets.  They can be harmful to you or someone near you.

Standard Stainless Replacement Blades

  • 59 degree angle replacement blades

Black Max Ultra Max Replacement Blades

  • Black Max Ultra Max breakaway replacement blades are designed with a special double honing process for superior sharpness
  • 59 degree angle
  • 25% sharper than Olfa’s standard (AB) blades
  • 13 cutting edges per blade strip
  • 50 pack offers 650 cutting edges

Super Sharp Replacement Blades

  • Same angle as X-Acto #11 blades/30 degree but in a break-away version
  • 10 strips/pack
  • 10 blades per strip


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