Wrap Cut Knife & Replacement Blades


  • Made specifically to cut through just the liner side of any pressure sensitive films making this the ultimate vehicle wrap knife!
  • Durable Teflon coating on the bottom surface of the knife allows it to slide across the adhesive side of the vinyl, giving you a clean and easy cut through the backing paper
  • Blades have 4 cutting edges per blade
  • Includes two extra blades, 10 pack replacement blades sold separately
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Why you Need a Top Sheet Knife in your Wrap Tool Arsenal

Not all knives are created equal. Break away knives are definitely a staple for wrappers but a top sheet knife can save you time and money. Top sheet knives are designed to cut only the vinyl backing paper, or “top sheet” and not the vinyl itself. It’s great for creating hinges during the wrap process. If you’ve ever cut into print or colorchange vinyl while trying to remove just the backing paper you already know what a costly mistake it can be having to use more material. See the video for more tips on how to use this knife more effectively for your wraps.